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Improving the health of children and families in Manchester Our services include: Home visits to newborn babies and families new to the area. Extra support. Healthy Child drop-in sessions. Health and development reviews at two months, nine months and two years.

Meeting you

Before your baby is born you will receive support from the Midwifery Service, and from the Health Visiting Service between 28 and 36 weeks.

After the birth you will be contacted again by a health visitor who will make an appointment to visit you at home when your baby is between 10 and 14 days old. During this visit you will be able to discuss the health and well-being of your family and your child’s developmental progress. The health visitor can provide advice, support and local information about drop-in sessions and services for children and families.

The Personal Child Health Record (or ‘red book’) is a record of your child’s health and development, it is yours to keep. The health visitor will go through this with you on the first visit. Please remember to take the book with you to your child’s health appointments.

Information for Parents and Carers

Manchester Health Visiting Service offers comprehensive advice and support to parents and carers of children from pre-birth to four and a half years.

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What is a health visitor?

Health visitors are registered nurses or midwives with specialist additional qualifications in child, family and public health.

Their role is to offer information and support to families through the early years, from pregnancy and birth to primary school.

The health visiting service

Every family with a child under the age of four and a half has access to a health visitor and their team. The service is delivered through home visits, contact in the community and telephone calls as necessary.

The aim is to promote the health and well-being of you and your family. Healthy Child drop-in sessions for well babies and children are provided in various venues including Children’s Centres, Health Centres and community buildings.

Health visitors work with other services such as GPs, midwives, school nurses and social workers. Health visiting teams usually consist of health visitors, community staff nurses, community nursery nurses, early years outreach workers and team assistants.


The Health Visiting Service is available between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. This is a non-emergency service providing health education, advice and guidance.  If your child needs a medical examination or you are worried about your child’s health you should contact your GP,, visit an NHS Walk-In Centre, or dial 111. In an emergency dial 999.

We offer Healthy Child drop-in sessions at various locations across Manchester. If you would like further information about child health drop-in sessions please contact your local team below.

Contact Details:

Switchboard HV Team
Central East

Abbey Hey Clinic


0161 223 4193 0161 230 0356

Levenshulme Health Centre


0161 861 2300 0161 861 2302

Longsight Health Centre


0161 225 9274 0161 248 1223
Central West

Rusholme Health Centre


0161 861 2200 0161 861 2230

Chorlton Health Centre


0161 861 8888 0161 860 2916
Robert Darbishire Practice (Rusholme Health Centre) 0161 861 2200 0161 861 2235
North East

The Cornerstone Centre


0161 230 2200 0161 230 2240

Newton Heath Health Centre


0161 684 9696 0161 683 2536
New Moston Team 0161 684 9696

0161 684 9264


North West

Harpurhey Health Centre



0161 861 2400 0161 861 2426

Cheetham Primary Care Centre


0161 202 8750 0161 202 8751

Charlestown Road Health Centre


0161 741 2000 0161 741 2019

Plant Hill Health Clinic


0161 740 8004 0161 720 5975

Burnage Health Centre


0161 443 0600 0161 443 0610

Chorlton Park Team


0161 945 3624 0161 215 2037

Old Moat Children’s Centre


0161 234 4711 0161 448 8677

Northenden Health Centre


0161 945 3624 0161 215 2030

Baguley Clinic


0161 946 0802 0161 946 9275

Forum Health


0161 490 7142 0161 435 3697

Wythenshawe offices, Stancliffe Road


0161 946 0065 0161 946 9436

Homeless Families Health Visiting Team


0161 861 8888 0161 860 2935

Additional Support:

Accident prevention




Domestic abuse

Drugs and alcohol


Healthy eating


Mental health

Minor ailments

Minor illnesses

Parenting skills

Play and development

Postnatal depression

Sexual health


Additional Information:

Awards / Recognitions:

Health Visiting Team of the Year, Northenden, CPHVA 2014.

Runner-up Practice Teacher of the Year, CPHVA, 2015.

Health Visitor of the Year, CPHVA, 2015.