Speech and Language Therapy (children and young people)

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The city-wide service provides assessment ,diagnosis and appropriate management of children aged 0-16 years (or up to 19 years if the young person attends a Manchester Special Support School ) who have speech, language and communication needs, including difficulties with feeding and swallowing, social communication and voice.

Our service also includes difficulties with feeding and swallowing, social communication or voice.

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) are also involved in helping children use alternative forms of communication such as signs or pictures. Early help and prevention of communication difficulties also figures highly in service delivery.

SLTs work with children, families and other professionals in a range of settings. These include home, health centres, schools, early years settings, etc.

The service is broadly divided into the following key areas

  • Early Years service is typically for children under 5 across the city. There is a focus on prevention as well as early intervention.
  • Health Centre based service for school age children presenting with speech sound, fluency or voice difficulties.
  • Mainstream service to primary and secondary schools delivering speech and language therapy to children in a multi-agency context.
  • Specialist Support Schools service, primary and secondary, for children with severe and persistent communication needs.
  • Traded SLT service delivering intervention to mainstream primary and secondary schools via a funded service level agreement.


The service is delivered in a variety of community settings across Manchester including homes,  health centres, schools and early years settings.

Administrative base: Longsight Health Centre,526-528 Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester M13 0RR.


9.00am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday

No service is provided on bank holidays or out of hours

Contact Details:

Speech and Language Therapy Service Central Office at Longsight Health Centre – 0161-248 1208.  The service is delivered in a variety of community settings, educational, private and voluntary sectors and children and young people’s homes across Manchester.

Referrals can be faxed or emailed to:  0161-224 0694 or



Head of Service:   Kathryn Geoghegan

Traded Service Manager:   Louise Lee

Core Service Manager:  Philippa Green


Speech, language and communication difficulties

Feeding and swallowing difficulties

Social communication difficulties

Voice problems


Completion of the Children’s Community Services Referral form.

The service is offered to children  who are listed to a Manchester GP or attend a Manchester school.

Additional Information:

Manchester City Council


NHS Choices


Department of Health


Department of Education


Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists



http://www.afasic.org.uk – raises awareness and to create better services and provision for children and young people with speech and language impairments

The Communication Trust http://www.thecommunicationtrust.org.uk/

Action for Children

http://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/ – children’s charity that supports and speaks out for the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people

Contact a family

http://www.cafamily.org.uk – provides support, advice and information for families with disabled children, no matter what their condition or disability.

The Literacy Trust

http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/ – independent charity that transforms lives through literacy


http://www.ican.org.uk – works to support the development of speech, language and communication skills in all children with a special focus on those who find this hard: children with speech, language and communication needs.

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