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  • The potential benefits of the redevelopment for local people

Health benefits

  • Providing care that’s fit for the future – modern, efficient hospital buildings and facilities incorporating the latest technology.
  • Delivering the best outcomes for patients through access to the latest treatments at an integrated health and research campus.
  • Improving local medical facilities and research and development in the science and medical sector, delivering products, services or solutions that can be used to save and improve peoples’ lives.
  • Introducing alternative models of care – many people are treated in hospital when their care needs could be better met in other ways, for example through step down care facilities.
  • Improving the health of residents so they can become fit for work, get better jobs and stay in work for longer.

Economic benefits

  • Creating jobs for local people during construction plus ongoing employment in healthcare, life sciences, retail, leisure and other sectors linked to the campus.
  • Using local businesses in the supply chain to generate economic growth
  • Strengthening Manchester’s position as a leader in clinical research and innovation.

Social benefits

  • Putting Wythenshawe Hospital Campus and sustainable health village at the heart of the local community will help to improve the health and wellbeing of residents.
  • The potential for affordable key worker housing which would be accessible for local residents working at the Campus.
  • Providing opportunities for local people to use the Campus education, training and leisure facilities, and enjoy access to open space and recreation areas.

Environmental benefits

  • Ensuring the construction and operation of the clinical, commercial and residential buildings contributes to Manchester’s ambitious Net Zero Carbon goals
  • Creating new and enhanced open space, which connects to existing and future green areas and brings opportunities for improved biodiversity.
  • Using green travel plans to improve sustainable transport options and air quality while reducing the number of cars on the Campus and carbon emissions.

The Wythenshawe Hospital Campus also has the potential to deliver significant public benefits to Manchester and the wider City Region, including:

  • Commercialising research carried out at the Campus will attract companies and employers in key growth sectors and so boost economic growth.
  • Attracting and retaining talented people who want to work in a leading clinical and commercial environment, which will help the wider Manchester economy.
  • Helping to transforming the health of the Greater Manchester population through delivering safe, consistent and affordable health and social care.

You can read more about the benefits in the draft Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) for the new Campus (sections 5.130 to 5.133).