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The GM Synergy Project is a coaching style practice placement model bespoke to Greater Manchester to develop the skills of our pre-registration student nurses in, clinical leadership with peer learning emphasising delivery of patient centred care.

MFT was one of the pilot sites; the GM Synergy Project has been implemented across four NHS Trusts in partnership with the four Greater Manchester Universities and The North West Placement Development Network.  The pilot commenced in September 2017 in three divisions:-

  • Division of Surgery: Head and Neck Surgery Unit and Manchester Vascular Centre
  • Division of Medicine Ward 7
  • RMCH Ward 85

Resources available to support the project include:

Resources designed by students for students in a GM synergy placement area:

For more information on GM Synergy at MFT please contact the Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) of your division

For further reading use on the link below for the GM Synergy hub site

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GM Synergy Project