Primary and Secondary Care Engagement

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Medical Education welcomes the opportunity to invest in the relationship between colleagues in Primary and Secondary Care. To this purpose, we offer a diverse educational menu, utilising a wide range educational models.

Medical Education runs regular monthly educational evening meetings and monthly mini-symposiums on a Saturday morning. The patient pathway, referral patterns, and patient experience are fundamental to any discussions in order to improve the quality of care for patients. We have “world experts” working on our premises and they regularly feature on our programmes.

At present, the majority of attendees at meetings are General Practitioners, however, these events are open to all staff, and there has been an increase in the number of multi-professional attendees at meetings over the last twelve months.

In addition to the evening, afternoon, and weekend meetings, with the support of the Simulation Centre team, we continue to run monthly Basic Life Support updates for GPs and Practice staff.

For further information please contact: Teresa Gough, Education Liaison Manager by emailing or calling 0161 291 5765