Your visit to the Endoscopy unit

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If you are being admitted as a day case, you will be sent detailed information through the post about your procedure and how to prepare for it. It is very important that you follow the instructions given.

On the day of your appointment

Please report to the reception desk on the Endoscopy Unit.

For some procedures, you may be asked to change into a gown. You might like to have a pair of slippers and a dressing gown with you. Please do not bring valuable items with you. The Trust will not accept responsibility for patient’s belongings during their admission.

We will discuss the results of your test and provide written and verbal aftercare and follow-up information.


When you come for an appointment, always remember to bring details of any tablets or medications that you are taking.

As a general rule, we will ask you to see your GP for any recommended medication. Urgent medication will be provided by the pharmacy department before you go home with a standard prescription charge, unless you are exempt.

Please stop taking iron tablets for seven days before your test, if you take Warfarin or any other blood thinning agents let the nurses know on 0161 276 7993.

Previous X-Ray procedure

If you have been to the X-ray department and taken barium for an X-ray test within 10 days of your Endoscopy test please let us know on 0161 276 5696 / 5696.

Privacy and Dignity

The Endoscopy Unit strives to ensure your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times and we have the following systems and resources in place.

  • Single sex clinic sessions (Emergencies allowing)
  • Private bowel preparation rooms with ensuite toilet facilities and door curtain screens
  • Provision of theatre gown, dressing gowns, and disposable privacy pants

Interpreter Services

If English is not your first language and you require clarification of the instructions you have been sent, or require an interpreter, please ask someone to contact the Unit on 0161 276 5695 / 5696.

If you have any questions, or are unsure in any way, please contact us.