Information for Patients

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We want all our patients to feel cared for and looked after during their time with us, and to get the best quality images possible to help guide your treatment.

We invite feedback from all our patients, and are pleased that this remains very positive, confirming that we consistently provide excellent quality care.

Do you have an appointment with us? You can help us help you by following these steps:

Understand what your test involves

We do a wide variety of different tests in the department all requiring different tracers and different pictures at different times. For example, some tests take several hours, and some require you to visit the hospital several times over a few days. Please read your letter, and any leaflets that come with it, to find out what your test involves.

We have made three videos to show what happens when you come for three different types of scan in this department and the kind of equipment we use:

Bone scan
Stress Heart Scan
PET Scan

If you are coming for a different test to the ones shown in the video, you may have to do something slightly different.

If you have any questions about your test, please call us before your scan on 0161 276 4820. We will explain the test to you again on the day to make sure you understand what it involves before we start. We use interpreters to help us communicate with patients who have difficulty understanding English.

Follow the instructions to prepare for your test

The different tests we do also require different preparation. For example, some tests require you to change what you eat and drink, and whether you need to stop taking some or all of your medicines; some tests do not.

Please read your letter, and any leaflets that come with it, to find out how to prepare for your test. Please follow these instructions carefully. If you have not followed the instructions before your test we may not be able to go ahead with the test when you arrive. Every year, we waste a large number of appointments because patients do not prepare properly.

If you have any questions about how to prepare for your test, please call us before your scan on 0161 276 4820.

Arrive in good time

More information about travelling to the department can be found here. Please leave plenty of time for your journey. If you are running late, call us on 0161 276 4820 if you are able to do so safely. We will try to fit in your scan on the same day but may need to make another appointment for you if you are very late.

Be careful who you bring with you

You are welcome to bring someone with you to your appointment. However, as Nuclear Medicine tests involve radioactivity, we ask the people coming with you to wait outside the scanning area of the department until your test is finished. Your letter, and the leaflets that go with it, will tell you how long your test will last. This can be several hours. Your relative or friend is welcome to leave the department during this time and come back to collect you.

We have spacious, comfortable waiting rooms with TVs, magazines and water coolers for you and whoever is accompanying you. There are cafes and small supermarkets near the department where you and your relatives and friends can get food and drink. More information about where to eat can be found here, or you can ask a member of our staff for directions.

Please do not bring anyone with you who is pregnant, or any children. Pregnant women and children can have Nuclear Medicine tests themselves in some circumstances, but unless the woman or child needs such a test we want to limit exposure to radiation in pregnancy and childhood as much as possible.

Help us keep you healthy

Please help us limit the spread of infections around the hospital by using alcohol rub and washing your hands after going to the toilet and before eating. You can find more information about how you can help us stop infections spreading here.