X-Ray and Flouroscopy

The inpatient x-ray is situated in waiting area 4 for plain radiography examinations. We see 12,675 patients a year, however we hope to increase this number with the help of two extra porters who are critical to the flow of patients in and out of the department. Inpatient work includes plain film, mobile work and theatre.

There are six mobile x-ray units which are situated on critical care, outside the lifts near ward 3, outside the AM block lift, on ward 36/37, near ward 12 and one kept in the radiology department for use by A&E. 24 hour theatre cover is provided for cases requiring x-ray support (covering up to 3 at any one time).

We also have a fluoroscopy room (room 12) which is supervised by GI radiographers who are advanced practitioners. 2,964 outpatients are booked into the fluoroscopy room a year, and inpatients are scheduled within a week from referral. GI radiographers have a mixture of radiographer lead sessions, lists with registrars and speech therapists (SALT team).

Procedures Done in the Department

  • Plain x-rays and the very occasional Intravenous Urogram
  • Theatre cases (orthopaedics, urology and general surgery)
  • Mobile x-rays are used, where radiographers go to the ward for inpatients who are too unwell to attend for departmental imaging

Fluoroscopy room for :-

  • GI procedures: Proctograms, Barium /water soluble enemas, Barium swallows/ meal examinations, Barium follow through examinations, Small bowel enemas, Fistulograms
  • Hysterosalpingograms, cystograms
  • Video swallows with the SALT
  • Arthrograms and hydrodilatations are performed by musculoskeletal (MSK) consultants

Admission Information

By referring clinicians or authorized nurse practitioners (non-medical referrers). A clinical referral is made to the radiology department and picked up by the inpatient team and justified prior to the patient being booked.

Theatre and mobile x-ray referrals are requested in the same way as inpatient x-ray.

Relatives and Escorts

No relatives, except partners accompanying ladies for hysterosalpingograms, are allowed into the imaging room.

Nurse escorts should accompany patients coming from the wards at all times.

Any Tests/ Preparations Needed

Fluoroscopy patients need preparation depending on their examination. Click on the blue links above for details. Alternatively, paper copies of these leaflets are available from the radiology main reception.

Checking for Pregnancy

All females between 12 and 55 years are required to have a blood pregnancy test if their last menstrual period (LMP) is over 28 days. If attending the department for test involving a higher dose of radiation, for example a barium enema, a 10 day rule applies whereby they will be required to have a blood pregnancy test if their last LMP is over 10 days.

Hysterosalpingogram patients must have a negative pregnancy test or must have abstained from sex until the date of their appointment which is generally between 10-20 days of their LMP.

Diabetic Patients

All patients should inform us if they are diabetic.

Ward/ Theatre Preparation for Inpatient Scans

A transfer of care document identifies all queries that we need to know about patients prior to them coming for a procedure e.g. does the patient require oxygen or are they travelling in a trolley or bed? Every ward is contacted for each patient prior to an x-ray in order to obtain the information to fill out the transfer of care document and to make arrangements for the patient’s transfer. Theatre staff should inform radiographers of theatre cases 20 minutes before requiring our services, so we have time to prepare.


We are situated in the Clinical Radiology Department at Manchester Royal Infirmary. You can find us in the Viewing Area 4, Main X-Ray Department in the Purple Zone of MRI.

Opening Hours

08:00 hours – 17:00 hours Monday to Friday. After this time skeleton staff decant to viewing area 1. Out of hour urgencies are performed in viewing area 1 between 17:00hrs and 08:00hrs the following day.

Contact Details

Extension 64373 for in patient x-ray

GI radiographers bleep 8546

Team lead bleep 9274


Team Leader: Sharon Glass

3 x GI Advanced practitioners (room 12): Roy Craven, Andrew Mort and Marie Davidson-Bamford.

Mixture of band 7, 6 and 5 radiographers.

Radiographic department assistants (RDAs) are also available.

Additional Information

Out of hours urgent plain x-rays for Saint Mary’s may be performed by the children’s department; please contact MRI Radiology to discuss,  please click here for more information.

Any other Saint Mary’s patients who can come down for departmental imaging attend viewing area 1 in the x-ray department.