Central Nervous System Tumours

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The WHO 2016 guidelines for classification of tumours of the central nervous system integrates molecular genomic information with histological analysis. The central nervous system tumour service offers a range of tests for the differential diagnosis of CNS tumours, provides prognostic information, and may aid in treatment decisions or clinical trial recruitment.

Please refer to the National Genomic Test Directory for Cancer here.

Reporting times

MGMT promoter hypermethylation  14 calendar days

1p19q co-deletion  14 calendar days

BRAF codon 600 mutations  14 calendar days

KIAA1549:BRAF fusion  14 calendar days

C11orf95-RELA fusion  14 calendar days

EGFRvIII Transcript  14 calendar days

Meningioma/schwannoma panel  14 calendar days

CNS panel  14 calendar days

Requesting a test

Please refer to our Sample Requirements section before sending any samples to us for testing.

Please use this form to request this test from us.

  • Referrals will be accepted from oncologists and pathologists. If MGMT hypermethylation or KIAA1549-BRAF fusion testing is requested in addition to another test, we require an additional 4×5µM sections.