posted 13 April, 2020

NHS Nightingale Hospital North West

The NHS Nightingale Hospital North West opened in Manchester to ensure extra capacity was available, if it was needed, to the region’s acute hospitals.

We are now in the second phase of this pandemic and the acute hospitals in the North West have demonstrated that they are now able to admit all the COVID-19 patients who currently require treatment, and this will reduce the number of referrals to the Nightingale.

The Nightingale has been placed on standby, ready to resume operations as and when needed in the weeks and potentially months to come.

This does not mean the Nightingale’s role in the North West’s response to the virus is over. We must be ready for the possibility that the number of COVID-19 cases rise again as social distancing rules are eased.

Work is also underway to consider how the Nightingale’s role may further adapt as the NHS seeks to resume activity that had to be paused in the first phase of our response to the pandemic.

The hospital has been a fantastic achievement and thank you to all the organisations that supported this ambitious project, and to everyone who has worked with great energy and commitment in challenging circumstances to help save lives.

Inside NHS Nightingale Hospital North West