Nominated Governor for Voluntary Sector

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Graham Watkins

Nominated Governor - MFT Volunteers

Nominated Governor for Voluntary Sector

Term of Office: 3 Years – Ending at 2020 Annual/Special Members’ Meeting

As a previous nominated Governor, I have represented volunteers and contributed to several significant aspects of work around corporate citizenship, facilities management and helping the Trust in the development of its no smoking policy.

I have met many volunteers on site to learn their needs and views and have reported back to my volunteer colleagues at regular intervals, keeping them informed of developments within the Trust which is a practice that I am looking forward to continuing across all the MFT sites.

I am committed to build upon my previous experiences and skills acquired and I look forward to working as a Governor in the new Trust to create an organisation which puts the welfare of patients and staff at the top of its priorities and which supports and values all of its partners.