Joint Obstetric Haematology

In our Joint Obstetric Haematology clinic we care for pregnant women who have a variety of disorders affecting the blood.
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These include:

  • Haemoglobinopathy (eg, Sickle cell disease and other disorders affecting haemoglobin).
  • Thrombophilias (disorders in which the blood has a tendency to clot) including both inherited and acquired (eg, antiphospholipid syndrome).
  • Haemostatic disorders (those disorders with a bleeding tendency, such as Von Willebrands, Haemophilia carriers, low platelets (ITP)).
  • Women who have had a blood clot during the pregnancy or previously and require treatment with heparin.

Women are seen jointly in the clinic within the multi-disciplinary team, which consists of a team of haematologists, midwives and obstetricians.  With many patients we also involve the anaesthetic team, particularly in the management of pain relief for labour and delivery.

Women with these disorders can face increased risks during pregnancy and delivery, so a tailored and individual management plan is made within the clinic.  This includes a care plan specifically for the delivery.  The clinic also provides a pre-conception counselling service, together with postnatal reviews which helps with the management of ongoing disorders.

How will I be treated?

Your care will be tailored dependent on the disorder.  Some disorders require intensive monitoring and treatment.

All patients receive an individual care plan for delivery.


The clinic is held in the Antenatal Department, Ground Floor, Saint Mary’s Hospital every Monday morning (except Bank Holidays).

How do I access this service?

You can be referred by your midwife/consultant at the time of your booking appointment.