Joint Obstetric Neurology

The joint Obstetric/Neurology clinic is a specialist antenatal and pre-pregnancy clinic for women with active neurological diseases, such as epilepsy or neuromuscular conditions. Some conditions will impinge upon the pregnancy whilst others will themselves be affected by the pregnancy.
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The clinic aims to look at an individual’s condition and map out a pregnancy plan to optimise the condition and the pregnancy outcome, liaising closely with patients’ pre-pregnancy Neurology team where possible.

Conditions dealt with include:

  • Epilepsy – current.
  • Neuromuscular conditions – myotonic dystrophy, etc.
  • Myaethenia gravis.
  • Previous cerebrovascular disease eg stroke, intracranial aneurysms/venous malformation.
  • Neurosurgical conditions – vascular malformation/aneurysm, V-P shunt, etc.
  • Other congenital/acquired causes of immobility (cerebral palsy, spinal injury).
  • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension.
  • Multiple sclerosis – if currently problematic.


The clinic is held in the Antenatal Department at Saint Mary’s Hospital on Thursday mornings.

There is a Neurologist present at the clinic on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.

How can I access this service?

Women may be referred by their GP, MFT Midwife (after booking risk assessment) or an Obstetrician.

Contact Details

PA/Secretary: (0161) 276 6427



  • Dr Philip Bullen - Consultant Obstetrician and Subspecialist in Fetal and Maternal Medicine