Obstetric Diabetic Clinic (Salford)

This is a multi-disciplinary clinic where we look after women with pre-existing diabetes and diabetes that develops in pregnancy.
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The clinic is run by a Consultant Obstetrician, Dr Kelly and a Consultant Diabtetologist, Dr Paisley, supported by a diabetes specialist midwife and a diabetes specialist nurse.

In between visits to the clinic, patients are monitored through frequent e-mail or telephone contact.

Women with pre-existing diabetes are given a blood sugar monitor which they use to download their blood sugar results twice a week.  These are then reviewed and advice is given to the woman directly via e-mail or telephone regarding any change to their treatment.  This allows women to rapidly adjust their medication to achieve good blood sugar control.

Care is shared between the consultant team and the community midwife.  From 28 weeks patients are scanned to check the baby’s growth monthly until 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Women are referred to see a dietitian.  Currently, this is provided in the community but it is hoped that the dietitian will see women in the antenatal clinic in the near future.

Dr Paisley will see women with pre-existing diabetes who wish to get pregnant to optimise their diabetic control before they try to get pregnant.


Clinics take place every Tuesday afternoon.


Antenatal clinic, Brooke Building, Orange Area, Salford Royal Hospital, Stott Lane, Salford.

How can I access this service?

You can self refer, or be referred by you midwife, GP or hospital consultant.

Contact details

Antenatal Clinic (0161) 206 5291