Blood Counts

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The Blood Count Laboratory is housed within the autolab facility of the Clinical Sciences Centre.

The laboratory provides a 24-hour service, analysing specimens from all hospitals located on the Central Manchester University Hospitals site (Manchester Royal Infirmary, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and the University Dental Hospital) alongside specimens from general practitioners and primary care trusts.

The laboratory is equipped with SYSMEX instrumentation for blood count analysis, smear preparation and staining.

A stand-alone XE2100 analyser processes paediatric samples, while three XE-5000 analysers are stationed on an HST system along with an SP1000 slide maker and an automated ESR system (InteRRLIner Vi-Tech scientific). These analysers are handling a typical workload in excess of 1,300 analyses per day.

A percentage of the tests we do will be ‘abnormal blood counts’ requiring further investigation and review by our experienced biomedical scientists who examine and differentiate the blood cells by microscopy.

The service has direct input from haematology clinical staff. The laboratory also carries out screening for glandular fever and malaria.

The laboratory processes bone marrow specimens which are examined under a microscope by the haematology clinical teams.

Bone marrow specimens are stained together with blood film samples using Romanowsky dyes and then, where necessary, by various cytochemical techniques.

The laboratory supports teaching and training of both laboratory and medical staff in collaboration with Manchester universities and medical school.


(Last reviewed December 2018)