Non-NHS services provided by the Ophthalmic pathology department

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Specimens from private patients

The department accepts specimens from private patients, for which a charge will be made to the referring clinician.

A scale of charges and invoicing registration form is available from the departmental secretary on request.

NB: If the correct status of the patient (ie NHS or private) is not correctly declared, the requesting clinician may face penalties.

Internal users: The request form accompanying such a specimen must clearly indicate that the specimen is from a private patient.

External users: A histopathology request form should be accompanied by a paper with the consulting room address (eg headed notepaper or a compliments slip) and including some reference (eg the patient’s hospital number or initials) and requesting clinician’s signature.

Alternatively, you may wish to make your histopathology examination request in the form of a referral letter on headed notepaper with the requesting clinician’s signature.


The ophthalmic pathology department is happy to actively support researchers.

Services can range from technical preparation of small numbers of slides to collaborative work with input from one or more consultant ophthalmic pathologists.

Please contact the department if you wish to discuss a project.


Both ophthalmologists and histopathologists are welcome to spend time in the department if they wish to learn about ophthalmic pathology, either in preparation for examinations or in order to develop a subspecialist interest.

Please contact the laboratory if you wish to arrange a training placement.


(Last reviewed 30th May 2017)