Ophthalmic pathology reports

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The department aims to provide a timely as well as a high quality service.

Availability of reports/turnaround times

Target turnaround times (from specimen receipt to availability of an authorised report) are as follows:

  • Small specimens: 5 working days
  • Large specimens: 7 working days
  • Complex specimens: 14 working days

However, it is not always possible to have a final report available within the above stated times. Complex cases may require a sequential series of special investigations, and in the case of referrals from elsewhere, time may be spent awaiting submission of further diagnostic material at our request.

If a report is required by a particular date, this should be indicated on the request form. An attempt will be made to accommodate these requests, but a final report by a particular date cannot be guaranteed.

If a report is not received as expected please contact the lab as soon as possible on the contact details given above.

Clinical advice and interpretation

Advice to clinicians is readily available at all stages of the diagnostic process, from deciding what material to submit for examination to guidance on interpretation of the final report.

Please feel free to contact the consultant pathologist or the technical staff in the department for discussion of individual cases.

If discussing a report, please quote the Laboratory Number which appears on the report and uniquely identifies the patient and specimen.

Time limits for requesting additional examinations

Paraffin wax blocks are retained for a minimum of 20 years and stained slides are retained for a minimum of 10 years, should additional examinations be required.


(Last reviewed 30th May 2017)