Sending a sample to our lab

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Specimen transportation to the laboratory

Specimens mailed or couriered should be packaged in approved containers and in accordance with the requirements of the delivery service. Hospitals more local to the department may make their own delivery arrangements via portering or delivery van services.

To confirm receipt of specimen(s) in the department, it is recommended that a ‘confirmation of receipt fax-back’ form, providing the senders confidential fax number, is enclosed with the specimen(s).

Receipt of specimens in the laboratory

A specimen does not become the responsibility of the laboratory until it arrives at the specimen reception area within the department of adult histopathology on 1st floor CSB1.

Specimens should reach the laboratory before 1500h for processing that day (fixation allowing). Specimens received after 1500h may not be processed until the following working day.

It is therefore recommended that specimens deemed to be urgent, are delivered to the laboratory as early in the day as practicable and before 1500h.

On receipt, the request form and specimen are assigned a unique laboratory number which tracks the specimen throughout and is stated on the report.