Renal biopsies

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Native biopsies

For cases of native renal disease, two cores of tissue should be obtained if possible. The better core should be fixed in formalin and the second core placed in container with transport medium (see immunofluorescence section). If there is any uncertainty about the adequacy of the sample, the whole sample should be placed in formalin.

Transplant biopsies

For patients that have had their transplant for less than 3 months: Two cores should be obtained if possible and they should both be placed in formalin. For patients who have had their transplant longer than 3 months: The specimen should be treated in the same way as a native renal biopsy – see above.

All renal biopsies

All pots should be appropriately labelled with the patients details and be transported to the laboratory straight away. If there is any reason for a delay in transfer then immunofluoresence specimens should be stored in a refrigerator. N.B. If the patient has a history of high risk disease (e.g. TB, HIV or Hepatitis B or C) then ALL samples MUST be placed in formalin.

(Last reviewed February 2019)