Specimen handling: frozen sections

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Every attempt will be made to provide a frozen section service during working hours. Users are requested to adhere to the following requisites:

Requests for frozen sections should be booked 24 hours in advance wherever possible.

Bookings can be made by contacting the Laboratory on 0161 276 8808. Patient information, clinical information, Clinician’s name and the theatre number where the surgery will be taking place will be required at this time.

Frozen sections will not be undertaken on high-risk specimens. Such information must be disclosed to the Laboratory and included on the request card.

The sample must be accompanied by a completed request card which must clearly indicate the contact number and name of the person to whom the result is to be conveyed.

Before sending the sample ring 68808 to warn the laboratory it is on the way.

Samples for frozen sections should be transported to the Laboratory in an appropriately labelled dry pot and handed directly to the technical staff as quickly as possible and arrive by 4.30pm.


(Last reviewed February 2019)