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As part of transforming the North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) site, we are working on a number of planning applications to prepare the site ahead of getting the final go-ahead for the rebuilding programme.

Delivery of the site redevelopment programme will require some early enabling works to take place on the hospital site, which have been allocated £54 million of funding through the Government’s Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP)

Use the links to the right to find out more about the individual planning applications:

Temporary office accommodation

Multi-Storey Car Park and Cycle Hub 

New Park House (Greater Manchester Mental Health)

We are sharing information about our vision for the site and some of the early enabling works that we are proposing on site, including a new Multi-Storey Car Park and Cycle Hub. This feedback form provides you with the opportunity to share your comments and ideas about the changes proposed to deliver the vision. 

The feedback form may be completed by organisations, representatives and individuals including public, staff, patients and visitors. You can complete it online below, or download the form here to print, complete and return by email or by post to:

Freepost Plus RRBR-AXBU-XTZT
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WL

Please contact us at if you have any queries, or call 0161 276 1234.

Feedback will be completely anonymous. Completed feedback forms will be independently analysed.  The comments that you share will be considered and presented in a Statement of Community Engagement submitted with the planning application to Manchester City Council. All completed forms, whether online or sent by post, should arrive with us by 20th November 2020.

  • Section A: About you

  • **If you are replying on behalf of an organisation or as a NHS employee, if you are happy to do so please state the name of the organisation below:

  • If you are responding as an individual, please provide the first three letters and numbers of your postcode. If you are responding as an organisation, please provide first three letters and numbers of your organisation’s postcode - this should be the building you are registered at.

  • Section B: Questionnaire

  • Site Vision

    Q1. We are sharing our ambitious vision for the overall redevelopment of the hospital site which includes proposals for a new acute hospital, a modern mental health hospital, a well-being hub, an education hub, a new residential neighbourhood with a focus on healthy ageing, commercial space and a village green.
  • Multi-Storey Car Park and Cycle Hub

    Q2. In parallel with the overall site redevelopment plans, we are preparing a full planning application to allow some early works to take place in the northern area of the hospital site. The plans include a new Multi-Storey Car Park to bring together some of the existing surface car parking for staff, visitor and patient parking and a Cycle Hub to improve green travel opportunities. This will also help us to manage car parking whilst the wider hospital improvements and redevelopment plans take place.
  • Sustainability and Zero Carbon principles

    Q3. At the heart of the redevelopment plans is the principle of contributing positively to the City Council’s road map to net Zero Carbon by 2038, including promoting sustainable travel to and from the site. The new Multi-Storey Car Park includes a new Cycle Hub with cycle storage and changing facilities. There are also a number of electric vehicle charging points proposed.

    Using a scale 1 to 5 with 1 being NOT important and 5 being VERY important:

    How important are these facilities to you?
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