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Here are some questions raised at our public and staff consultation sessions, together with the answers.  Please get in touch with us if you would like to ask a question not covered here or share your views.

Q: Will there be accommodation for key workers?

A: Yes we are proposing the inclusion of key worker accommodation on site.

Q: Will this presentation go online so we can see it at any time?

A: Yes we are recording it and anyone will be able to access it from the MFT website.

Q: With the new commercial space on the site, how will the existing businesses on Delaunays Road be supported to be successful as well as new businesses?

A: We don’t want the commercial space on the site to take anything away from local provision, this is about adding to that and not replacing it. We will develop the commercial strategy with this in mind.

Q: Will the hospital be sufficiently large and the layout be such that should there be another pandemic there would be spare capacity (beds in waiting) and separate entrances to enable infected and non-infected people to be kept separate?

A: The masterplan does not go into this level of detail. However, the flexibility of the proposed hospital accommodation is absolutely the priority to make sure that we are able to respond to the ever changing demands of healthcare.

Q: Do you plan to change/alter the existing road networks to support the extra people on the roads who gain access to the site? Especially the new homes.

A: The SRF includes proposed access improvements, including better bus access. We will continue to work closely with Manchester City Council to analyse the wider impact on local roads.

Q: Please can you consult widely on the car parks, a) to make them user friendly (clear layout and non-confusing signage) and b) which look cheering rather than eyesores.

A: Thank you for your comment. The accessibility of the car parks is very important and we are working with equality and diversity teams in the development of the designs.