Membership Month at MFT

News posted 21 February, 2019

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Have you thought about becoming a public member of our NHS Foundation Trust?  Anyone aged 11 years or over who lives in England & Wales can become a member and it’s free to join.  As a Member of our NHS Foundation Trust, you decide how much you would like to be involved and have a very real opportunity, through your elected representatives (Governors), to have your say and shape our future so that services are developed that best meet your and your family’s needs.

Other benefits of membership include:

  • Receiving exclusive membership invites, information and newsletters
  • Electing membership representatives to our Council of Governors
  • Being able to stand for election to our Council of Governors (if aged 16 years or over)
  • Taking part in surveys and sharing your views with us through our Governors
  • Attending member events, including our Young People’s Event and Annual Members’ Meeting.
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We are currently undertaking a public membership recruitment campaign across our various hospital sites and key community locations and would be delighted if you, your family, friends or colleagues would consider becoming a member.  If attending any of our hospitals over the coming weeks, look out for a member of our membership recruitment team who will be happy to help you complete the application process or alternatively you can apply through our website or by contacting our Membership Office for a paper form or on 0161 276 8661.

We have ambitious plans for our hospitals and your support and involvement is vital to our future success.  If you value our services and believe in our future, then be part of it and become a member today.