Gynaecology Oncology

The Gynaecology Oncology Team at MFT provides diagnostics and treatment for women with cancer of the reproductive system, including the ovaries, uterus, cervix, vulva and vagina.

A diagnosis of cancer or a possible cancer can be extremely worrying for both patients and their families.

The prospect of coming to hospital for an outpatient appointment, day case treatment or inpatient stay, can also be daunting. We aim to make that experience as stress free and easy as possible for you and your family.

We work in conjunction with our colleagues at the tertiary centre, The Christie Hospital to ensure women receive prompt access to appropriate specialist treatment whether that is surgical treatment or other medical treatment.

All cases are reviewed at a specialist multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting in conjunction with the Christie team before any treatment decision is made. This team consists of gynaecological surgeons, medical and clinical oncologists, with radiological and pathological review concurrently. Depending on the case patients are either managed locally by the lead clinician at MFT or centrally by the Christie specialist team.

Macmillan Gynaecology Oncology Nurse

The Macmillan Gynaecology Oncology Nurse is a Registered Nurse who is a specialist in dealing with women with a known gynaecological cancer or a possible cancer and their families and carers. She is also known as your key worker. The Macmillan Gynaecology Oncology acts as your advocate or spokesperson to ensure you get the most appropriate treatment that is suitable for you.

At University Hospital of South Manchester, our role is to offer emotional support, practical advice and information from the time of a diagnosis, throughout the course of your treatment and onwards. We aim to treat you holistically i.e. as a whole person and not just your cancer. We can offer advice and provide information about your cancer, treatment, and potential side effects, including survivorship, financial issues, psychological and emotional support and anything else you as an individual may find useful, including much needed telephone advice. We work closely with the rest of the clinical team to ensure that all of your needs are met.

MFT has a Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre that is open weekdays and offers confidential information and support for everyone. They offer time to listen, time to talk and make sense of everything.


Diagnostic and therapeutic surgical treatment is carried out locally following appropriate Specialist MDT review. This generally includes patients with early stage endometrial (womb) cancer and early stage cervical cancer.

Where appropriate our surgeons perform minimally invasive keyhole surgery to reduce length of stay and enhance recovery. Most minor operations are performed as day-case procedures.

Pre and Post-Operative Care are supported by a specialised nursing and anaesthetist team. MFT also has the benefit of a specialised High Dependency Unit on-site.

The Gynaecology Oncology Team work within MFT’s Enhanced Recovery programme to deliver care in a way that promotes a better surgical journey for patients and delivers a quicker recovery. We also work in close relation with the Macmillan Support Centre here in MFT.

Pre-operative Gynaecology assessment and inpatient care takes place on Women’s Ward F16.

Specialist Clinics & Services

There is a Gynaecology Oncology Clinic held weekly on a Thursday morning at Withington Community Hospital.

Our priority is to meet the individual needs of each patient and their family; this can mean that sometimes a longer consultation is needed. We appreciate your understanding and your patience.

Services that are available from the clinic include:

  • Macmillan Benefits Advice
  • Macmillan Cancer Support and Information Centre
  • Supportive Outpatients Service
  • Clinical Psychologist


The Gynaecology Oncology team can be contacted via the hospital switchboard on 0161 998 7070.

GO Support group

The Gynaecology Oncology Patient support group meets every third Thursday of the month in Seminar Room 2 at Withington Community Hospital, Nell Lane, Manchester, M20 2LR from 2-4 pm.

Useful links

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – 0808 802 8000
Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (Jo’s Trust) is the only UK charity dedicated to women and their families affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.

Ovacome – 0845 371 0554
Ovacome provide a national support network offering information and support for everyone affected by ovarian cancer.