Transforming the Future of Wythenshawe Hospital

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Our Vision

Part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), Wythenshawe Hospital is at the heart of an exciting vision to improve health and wellbeing for local people over the next 10 to 15 years.

We want to provide excellent health care and clinical facilities in an environment that is welcoming to everyone.  The hospital site will form the centre of a new sustainable health village, which also offers enhanced employment, leisure and retail opportunities to the Wythenshawe community.

Our aim is to deliver:

  • An improved clinical environment that meets modern standards within a hospital site that is accessible and welcoming for patients and visitors. Our ’smart’ hospital will be technologically advanced and 5G enabled.
  • A highly sustainable campus which delivers on our commitment to be Net Zero Carbon by 2038, including through the promotion of green travel options and enhanced accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A masterplan that supports inclusive growth and maximises benefits for the local community through providing a range of jobs and training opportunities that support local employment. It will also deliver enhanced social infrastructure as well as improved health and social care outcomes.
  • A diversified campus offering complementary research and development facilities, commercial uses that support the work of MFT, leisure and training facilities, plus key worker housing and step-down care facilities.
  • World class research facilities to support the work of clinicians and academics in keeping MFT at the forefront of innovative developments in healthcare.
  • A safe, efficient and stimulating work environment that ensures MFT continues to attract the best people to work at Wythenshawe Hospital Campus.
  • Partnerships to encourage local economic growth with Roundthorn Industrial Estate, Timperley Wedge, Manchester Airport and Airport City.

To help us turn these ambitions into reality, MFT is working in partnership with Bruntwood, Manchester City Council and Manchester Health and Care Commissioning.  We have prepared a draft Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) as a basis for consultation with local residents, patients, staff and businesses.  This involvement is crucial as we continue to evolve our plans for the future development and growth of the new Wythenshawe Hospital Campus.  By listening to your views and feedback, together we can shape an exciting future for the Wythenshawe community.

We will add more information to this website as the project develops and you can contact us at:

Freepost Plus RRBR-AXBU-XTZT
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WL or telephone 0161 276 1234

Why do we need to redevelop the hospital site?

The majority of Wythenshawe Hospital was originally built in the 1960s, with various additions from the 1990s onwards.  This means the buildings are not laid out and connected in a clear and planned way.

There are multiple entrances to the hospital site and, combined with poor wayfinding, this makes it difficult for patients and visitors to get to their destination easily.

Whilst Wythenshawe Hospital provides world-class health care, the way the site has developed since its original construction creates challenges for the people who work here and use the hospital’s services.

These include walking long distances through buildings and between facilities, having some isolated areas on the edge of the campus and the heart of the hospital not being a welcoming environment. In some buildings, space is not used very efficiently, some facilities are duplicated and related services are not always located next to each other.

Using the space and buildings more effectively and efficiently would deliver a much better experience for patients, visitors and staff.  It would create opportunities to grow the local economy and improve medical and scientific research, through increasing the range of uses at the site to include research and development space next to these hospital uses. It would also create opportunities to regenerate the wider area, grow the Wythenshawe economy and meet many of Manchester’s strategic objectives.

The potential benefits of the redevelopment for local people

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What happens next?

We are sharing the draft Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) for the new Campus with all our stakeholders so they can comment on the proposals.  Once the consultation feedback has been received and reviewed, a final version of the SRF will be created.  The target is for this to be considered by Manchester City Council’s Executive on 17th March 2021.