The Dialysis Unit offers maintenance dialysis for 80 patients using a 20 station unit on a two shift system. In addition, home haemodialysis and self-care training will be provided in a newly designed 9 station unit.

The maintenance unit is managed by Sister Morag Doherty together with a team of highly skilled nursing staff. The home training unit is managed by Sister Gill Dutton and her team of highly trained nurses in home training skills.

Railway Street
WA14 2RQ

Home Training Unit 0161 413 7760

Dialysis Unit 0161 413 7752 (Reception) or 0161 413 7767 (Nurse Base)


  • Number of maintenance haemodialysis stations: 20
  • Number of Home Training/Self care stations: 9
  • Patient resource room with internet access and educational materials
  • Interview room
  • Dedicated patient entertainment system offering free television and radio channels
  • Free car parking available in the basement of the building. Lifts from the car park provide direct access to the dialysis unit and home training unit.

Opening Times

7.00 am- 7.30 pm Monday-Saturday


Lindsay Howard, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Dr A Bubtana, Associate Specialist in Renal Medicine

In addition there will be a visiting consultant to unit on a weekly basis.

Medical Problems

Day to day dialysis related medical problems will be addressed by one of the renal doctors covering the satellite unit.   However, if a patient dialysing becomes unwell or needs surgical intervention, then they will be transferred to the Manchester Royal Infirmary for their care and returned back to the Altrincham Unit once well enough.  Medical emergencies will be taken to Wythenshawe Hospital and transferred to the Manchester Royal Infirmary once the patient is deemed stable for transfer.

All patients will have monthly blood checks and the results will be reviewed by the renal doctors and any adjustments to your medications made.  All patients will be seen by the named consultant every six months at an appointment outside of your dialysis slot giving you the opportunity to discuss any issues in a private setting and also be accompanied by relative or carer.

It is STRONGLY advised that you attend all your planned dialysis sessions. Failure to attend or cutting short the hours you dialyse, could result in you becoming unwell and will compromise the standard of care that you are receiving.

Other medical problems non renal related

If you have a health problem that is not related to your kidney condition or dialysis then you should seek help and advice from your GP. Your GP is responsible for providing you with prescriptions for medication and providing transport for any other hospital appointments that are not related to your dialysis.

If you are feeling unwell when you are not due in for dialysis, that you should contact the unit where you dialyse for advice, your GP or attend your local hospital.

Out of Hours

Patients requiring help or advice after the Altrincham Unit has closed can contact the Main Renal Unit at the Manchester Royal Infirmary between the hours of 7.30 pm -11.00 pm Monday-Saturday  on 0162 276 4414.   From 11.00 pm – 7.00 am Monday-Saturday and 7.00 am Sunday-Monday 7.00 am please contact the renal wards at  the Manchester Royal Infirmary 0162 276 4117/4591.

How can I improve my quality of life?

  • Keep all your dialysis appointments
  • Avoid too much weight gain between treatments
  • Follow your special diet.
  • Take prescribed medications
  • Learn about your condition and other treatment options;  could you be considered for home dialysis?  do not be afraid to ask the nursing staff questions


Patients are encouraged to use  the excellent transport links as detailed above or  drive themselves to the hospital if deemed medically stable to drive.  This offers more control over your care.

Hospital transport is available with ARRIVA or North West Ambulance.  The current transport contract agreed by the commissioners is that a patient can arrive 45 minutes prior to treatment and can wait up to 90 minutes post treatment for hospital transport.

If you are self driving please inform one of the ward clerks and provide car details so that they can ensure a space is made available for the time you are receiving treatment.   Car parking is available in the basement of the building (see map).   There were will be a barrier controlled entry.  Spaces are not reserved but this is a dedicated renal patient car park only.   From the car park you will enter the building via lift access to the second floor.


Refreshments in the way of drinks, toast, a sandwich and biscuits will continue to be provided.

Holiday Dialysis

Please speak to the ward clerks on the unit who will be able to provide information and assist in booking a holiday.

Useful contacts

Guy Hill, Kidney Patients’ Association

01575 654382

Irene Chambers, Manchester Institute of  Nephrology and Transplantation (MRI fundraiser)

0161 276 5644

impairment, learning disabilities or mental health problems, are entitled to support to enable them to communicate effectively with health service staff. Trust policy is not to use staff members or relatives/friends in such role. You must let us know if you feel any support is required prior to attendance and we will arrange this for you.

Additional Information


Photography of images from screens in the examination rooms is not allowed. As with patient notes, should anyone wish to obtain a copy of any images then this should be formally requested via the Trust legal department

Infection Control

The department adheres to the trusts infection control standards and balances these along with their own radiation protection rules. Please ensure that radiology staff members are made fully aware of a patient’s infection control status prior to them attending the department.