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Laboratory medicine works to diagnose disease, evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to research the causes and cures of disease.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has one of the largest laboratories in the United Kingdom, performing more than 26 million tests each year across four sites. Our wide range of tests and our ability to perform specialist testing make us a pathology one-stop shop.

We have laboratories at four sites: the Oxford Road Campus (ORC), Trafford General Hospital, Wythenshawe Hospital and North Manchester General Hospital. Information on Laboratory Medicine at Wythenshawe is currently available in the handbook. This information is gradually being added to the ORC and Trafford information in each department’s section.


All of our departments have training centre status and we have an excellent record in training Biomedical Scientists and giving opportunities for development.

MFT has training links with Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University and MAHSC, and is committed to the Modernising Scientific Careers strategy.


The Division of Laboratory Medicine is registered with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Each department in the Division is assessed for accreditation by UKAS at regular intervals.

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