Laboratory Medicine

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Laboratory medicine works to diagnose disease, evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to research the causes and cures of disease.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has one of the largest laboratories in the United Kingdom, performing more than 21 million tests each year across three sites.

The information in this section (including the pages in the right hand menu) refers to Laboratory Medicine at the Oxford Road Campus and at Trafford General Hospital. Information on Laboratory Medicine at Wythenshawe Hospital is available in the handbook and is in the process of being added to this section.

See an A-Z list of tests carried out by our Division of Laboratory Medicine (DLM) and download our sample acceptance policy.

The DLM is divided into a number of specialist departments.

The DLM is registered with Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA), which is part of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Each department in the Division is assessed for accreditation by CPA/UKAS at regular intervals.

Maintaining quality

A high quality service is maintained by frequently looking at feedback from user meetings, telephone audits and satisfaction surveys.

An active clinical audit group checks whether we are doing what we should be doing, as set out in the policies and guidelines of the trust or external bodies.

The DLM’s clinical audit group meets regularly to share findings between disciplines.

Clinical governance

The Division of Laboratory Medicine also has a bi-monthly clinical governance meeting, which evaluates the effectiveness of the service we provide. In this way, we are able to learn from successes and recognise areas where improvement is needed.

The trust’s commitment to patient-focused, high quality clinical care is reinforced by the clinical governance system.