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Patients participating in clinical trials are starting to benefit from sharing resources across sites following the creation of MFT.

In one example, a patient was recruited to a complex ICU trial at the MRI, assessing the use of a respiratory dialysis machine to remove partial Co2 whilst on a ventilator.

Due to the nature of ICU, there are often multiple patients recruited to a research study within a short timeframe.  This particular study requires a new dialysis kit for each patient, which isn’t always available if multiple patients are recruited at the same time.

Working together the MRI and Wythenshawe ICU research teams and sponsor of the study looked into how they could share kit and transport across sites. This meant the study was able to avoid any delays and ensured the patient got access to the latest treatment pathway as soon as possible.

Richard Clark, Senior Clinical Research Nurse, said: ‘This was made much easier because of the merger, which has enhanced our relationship with Wythenshawe. The patient was subsequently transferred to Wythenshawe for long tem ventilation needs, where colleagues were able to continue to collect data and obtain the patient’s regained capacity consent, ensuring safety and high quality data.’