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To ensure the Trust is compliant with essential standards of quality and safety we are regularly assessed. These assessments are carried out by the Care Quality Commission and NHS Improvement.

Care Quality Commission

The Trust is assessed periodically by the Care Quality Commission on Quality standards and on a range of performance indicators.

The MFT CQC Certification of Registration

NHS Improvement

As a Foundation Trust, the Trust is also regulated by NHS Improvement.

NHS Improvement sets out the performance targets for Foundation Trusts each year in its ‘Compliance Framework’ and produces a rating based on this assessment.

We are required to submit a self certification declaration and declaration of governor training in line with our license requirements.


Our performance is measured by a set of local and national performance measures relating to patient safety, patient experience and the quality of our services. These standards help us to monitor how well we are performing and allow us to improve the care we provide to our patients.

Patient Surveys

Patient surveys are important as they give patients and relatives an opportunity to provide feedback on the care and treatment we deliver.

Board Papers, Plans and Strategies

Every year we produce a number of statutory reports and plans that give information about the Trust, an overview of performance, priorities and where we spend our money.

Quality Accounts

A Quality Account is a report about the quality of services provided by the Trust. The reports are published annually, and will be available to the public.

Sign up to Safety

Sign up to Safety is a national patient safety campaign designed to help the NHS improve the safety of patient care. The aim of the campaign is to make improvements and create a supportive, open and transparent environment for patients and staff.