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By Jenny Collins
Lead Medical Examiner Officer for MFT
October 2022


All GP practices will now have received a letter from the National Medical Examiner, National Medical Director and NHS National Director of Patient Safety detailing the next phase of the Medical Examiner’s service (ME).

The National Medical Examiner’s service will begin its statutory phase in April 2023

In order that the medical examiner’s system can fulfil its statutory requirement the now well established ME team at MFT invites GP surgeries as individuals or groups to nominate themselves to become one of our pilot sites.

Benefits of being a pilot site

Your surgery and staff will be early adopters whose feedback can be taken on board to allow the ME service to run efficiently

Your input into ME policies and procedures will ensure that the ME service will work as ergonomically as possible alongside in-house policies and procedures

Your surgery and the ME team will have well established communication channels by the time the system becomes statutory

Overall, becoming a pilot site will ensure your surgery has a say in the development of the ME service in the scrutiny of all community deaths and you and your team will be integral in ensuring the success of the ME service in its statutory phase.

If you and your surgery would like to be considered as a pilot site please get in touch:

Jenny Collins, Lead Medical Examiner Officer for MFT
Telephone number: 0161 2913266

In the interim if you have any questions or would like further information on the Medical Examiner’s service covered by MFT please feel free to get in touch.