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The Manchester Haemoglobinopathy Diagnostic Service is offered to families at risk of sickle cell disease and thalassaemia. This service is centrally funded and is available free of charge to health care providers in the North West, Lancashire and Cumbria, providing referrals meet our Genetic Haemoglobinopathy Testing Guidelines.

Forms and information relevant to the referral process are given below.

Forms and guidelines

Investigations cannot be performed or results communicated until all relevant completed paperwork has been received:

Download the Genetic Haemoglobinopathy Testing Guidelines for guidance on the diagnostic algorithm used prior to accepting samples for DNA analysis.

Download the Consent for Genetic Analysis including PND Form which must be completed prior to commencement of genetic analysis.

Download the Genotype Request Form which must be completed, including relevant phenotypic data in the space provided.

Download the PND Request Form which must be sent with PND samples.

The Safe Haven FAX DNA Form is required to ensure confidential communication of our results to you.

Please also complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt form. We shall return this to you in order to confirm receipt of sample.

Download Information on Haemoglobinopathy Carrier States


(Last reviewed May 2019)