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Please read all protocols carefully to ensure that the lab is notified before any test which requires urgent analysis of specimens once commenced. If notification of the lab is required, this will be indicated at the start of the protocol.

It is essential that all dynamic function test samples are accompanied with correctly completed request forms which state the test being carried out, the time of each sample and the time of any drug dosage.

The time point from the dynamic function test protocol MUST be indicated on the blood sample tube.

The volume of blood stated in these protocols assumes that there is a normal packed cell volume (PCV). If the child is known to have a high PCV, then please allow for this and send a larger volume of blood.

Some of the blood samples required in these protocols need to arrive at the lab very urgently and on ice. Urgent porter delivery is arranged with Sodexo, who have a list of tests which have a porter response time of 5 min. These are termed ‘Code Blue’ tests. This form of words must be used when contacting the Sodexo helpdesk on x4850. In all cases the requesting clinician must contact the lab before the specimen is sent.

  • ACTH – 15 mins on ice
  • Free fatty acids – 20 mins on ice

Whilst some dynamic function tests may be requested via a specific test name on ICE, not all tests are set up in this way. If a test is being carried out which does not have a ICE test name, please order the analytes individually, indicating in the clinical details which test is being carried out.


(Last reviewed March 2022)