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Paediatric and Adult Maximum Surgical Blood Order Schedule ORC and Trafford

When blood is available for a placenta praevia grade III & IV case, an antibody screen sample is required on Mondays and Thursdays.

All other major surgical procedures will be a ‘Group and Save’ unless discussed with Blood Transfusion staff beforehand on

Oxford Road Campus – 0161 276 4400 or Bleep 2525 Out of Hours
Trafford Site – 0161 746 2479 or Bleep 060
Wythenshawe – 0161 291 2160 or 291 2161 Bleep 2033
North Manchester General – 0161 720 2100 or Bleep 4018

If a particular case requires more than the amount indicated on the schedule you must contact the laboratory personnel.

Remember to obtain positive patient identification when taking blood samples. Good documentation is essential. Include on request forms any special requirements e.g. irradiated, previous transfusion history, reason for request and when the blood is required.

NB: In the interest of patient safety, all unused units of blood in the Blood Satellite Fridges MUST be returned to the Transfusion Laboratory within 24 hours.


(Last reviewed January 2023)