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The department aims to provide a timely as well as a high quality service.  Reports will be available on ICE once they have been authorised by the Consultant Pathologist.

Typed reports will also be available when all necessary tests have been completed, reviewed and authorised by a Consultant Pathologist. Verbal reports or clinical discussions can only be provided to qualified medical staff by Consultant Pathologists. All report enquiries should be directed to the secretarial office in the first instance. The scientific staff in the laboratory cannot give out any information regarding results/reports.

Histology Reports

Telephone – 0161 701 1615
Email –

Users are requested to check if final reports are available on Epic/Hive, in hospital notes, clinics or wards before making enquiries. Please note that clerical staff will not give report details over the telephone, but on request, authorised reports can be faxed to dedicated hospital fax numbers and General Practitioners.

Advice to clinicians is readily available at all stages of the diagnostic process, from deciding what material to submit for examination to guidance on interpretation of the final report. Please feel free to contact the Consultant Ophthalmic Pathologist or the Lead BMS with any queries.

Turnaround times

The department works to RCPath Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The target is to report 80% of diagnostic biopsy cases within 7 days, and 80% of all specimens within 10 days (except those requiring decalcification).

Reporting times for all specimens, including urgent and HSC205, may be extended if they are high risk specimens, large resection specimens or calcified or bony samples. Any case requiring specialist techniques such as immunohistochemistry or electron microscopy will also likely have extended reporting times. Some cases may require referral to a specialist referral centre, which can prolong reporting times. However, a preliminary report would be issued beforehand.  An appropriate frozen section request will aim to be reported by telephone within 60 minutes. Frozen sections should normally be booked with the laboratory beforehand.

(Last reviewed March 2023)