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The Histology and Cytology laboratory (jointly referred to as Cellular Pathology) at the Wythenshawe Site offers a diagnostic service for tissue and body fluid samples. The department provides a service to the patients, clinicians and General Practitioners of the South Manchester and Tameside area including Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Organisation. The department specialises in cardio-thoracic, breast, skin and gastrointestinal pathology. Contact details for clinical or laboratory staff are available below for advice/interpretation of reports or to enquire about further investigations, should the information you require not be on these pages.

Generic contact details Location Extension Information
Report enquiries Office 4813 At times, this number may have an
answering machine: please leave a
clear request and a number for us to
call you back
Report Fax Number Office 4809
Departmental nhs.net email address smu-tr.histosecs@nhs.net


Consultant Name and Speciality Office Secretary Email address
Dr M Scott
Co-Head of Histopathology
Gynaecology, Gastrointestinal, Urology
2144 2123 michael.scott@mft.nhs.uk
Dr N Ali
Breast, Skin, Gynaecology, Gastrointestinal cytology
5663 4812 nisha.ali@mft.nhs.uk
Dr P Bishop
Cardiothoracic, Skin, Head & Neck, Haematolymphoid
2159 2121 paul.bishop2@mft.nhs.uk
Dr A Davenport (part-time)
Co-Head of Histopathology
5311 2143 anna.davenport@mft.nhs.uk
Dr H M Doran (part-time)
2138 2121 helen.doran@mft.nhs.uk
Dr V Howarth
Skin, Gastrointestinal, Urology
2598 2123 vicki.howarth@mft.nhs.uk
Dr M Howe
Breast, Urology
4806 4812 miles.howe@mft.nhs.uk
Dr R. Hunt
Breast, Gastrointestinal, Gynaecology, Urology,
Gastrointestinal cytology
4807 4812 roger.hunt@mft.nhs.uk


Consultant Name and Speciality Office Secretary Email address
Dr L Joseph
Clinical Director of quality and safety for
Skin, Breast, Cardiothoracic
4808 2123 leena.joseph@mft.nhs.uk
Dr C Lelonek
Skin, Gynaecology, Urology
5902 2143 claire.lelonek@mft.nhs.uk
Dr S Pritchard
Breast, Gastrointestinal, Head & Neck, Gastrointestinal cytology
4818 2143 susan.pritchard@mft.nhs.uk
Dr A Yates
Skin, Gastro-intestinal, Gastrointestinal cytology
5642 2123 andrew.yates@mft.nhs.uk
Dr A Paivi-Correia
Cardiothoracic, max fax
4805 4810 Antonio.PaivaCorreia@mft.nhs.uk
Dr Kavita Singhal
Breast, Skin
4793 2123 Kavita.singhal@mft.nhs.uk
Dr Angeles Montero
Breast, Skin, Cardiothoracic
4786 2123 Angeles.montero@mft.nhs.uk
Dr Nadine Elgeredly
Breast, Skin, Urology, Gastrointestinal
2819 2121 Nadine.elgeredly@mft.nhs.uk
Speciality trainees 4814
All telephone extensions should be prefixed with 0161 291 when calling from outside the hospital unless otherwise stated


Laboratory Fax Tel No Email address
Sally Wood
Cell Path Laboratory Manager
0161 276 6138 Sally.wood@mft.nhs.uk
Katherine Congdon
Cell Path Deputy Laboratory Manager
4804 katherine.congdon@mft.nhs.uk
Specimen reception 4800
Histology laboratory 4800
Histology laboratory fax 4801
Cytology laboratory 2156


(Last reviewed February 2020)