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Did you know? With MyMFT’s “Proxy Access” feature, parents, caregivers or loved ones can request access to view and manage the medical information of a child or dependent. This applies to under 16-year-olds who receive care at MFT’s children’s services.

You will need your NHS number to set up a proxy account. If you don’t know it, you can find it here.

Once you have your NHS number, please click here to complete the form. Our staff will check your details and, if they require any further information, will contact you by phone. If they do not require any further information,  your proxy account will be set up and you will be sent information on how to access it.

Please note: Access to a child/dependent’s record using MyMFT will only be granted to a person with a valid and appropriate reason. The Trust may contact you for further details regarding your submission or to help you set up your MyMFT account.  

Requesting access to another adult’s account cannot be done using this form. For support with this particular process, please see our general proxy access page or discuss with the adult patient’s care team.

  • A patient’s parent or guardian with parental responsibility has sole access to their child’s information through MyMFT as a proxy up until the child is 12 years old.
  • A patient is entitled to access information from MyMFT if they request this and are deemed to have capacity by their clinician. At the same time the parent or guardian with parental responsibility continues to have proxy access to the patient’s MyMFT information by default. If the patient aged 12-16 years wishes to remove a proxy from the MyMFT, the clinician may agree to that request in their absolute discretion.
  • A member of staff also has the right to change or revoke proxy access at their discretion.
  • From 16 years of age, the patient is able to have direct access to their MyMFT should they wish to have it; Proxy access can be provided with patient consent.
  • Proxy access will be permitted without patient consent where the patient is aged 16-18 years and has reduced capacity as determined by the clinician. This continues for as long as the young person is a patient at MFT or turns 18 years of age (whichever occurs first).
  • From 18 years of age, proxy access for a patient without full capacity can only be provided with a Court Order. Information can be found here:

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