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Here are some of the things you may need to make the most of our laboratory service for GP practices. You will find information on getting urgent results, forms, advice on storing samples and information on using the ICE system, which links your practice directly to our laboratories.

What we do with urgent results

If a test result is abnormal and needs urgent attention, our laboratories will phone the GP practice. If the practice is closed, the laboratory will contact the appropriate out-of-hours GP service provider.

For this reason, you must ensure that the patient’s address is marked on request cards. Without this information, the out-of-hours GP service provider may be unable to trace the patient.

Sending a sample to us

ORC and Trafford sites:

Make sure you use the correct container/tube for the test you require. To reorder containers/tubes and other consumables, please ensure you use the latest version of the GP database and email it to If assistance is required please contact the Business Support Centre on 0161 276 4062 or 8011.

For a successful test, samples must be stored in the right conditions and tested within a time limit. See our guide to how to store test samples for details.

Our courier service collects test samples and delivers supplies up to 5.30pm. Find out what to do if you need to send an urgent sample to us.

Wythenshawe hospital:

Samples must NOT be stored but should be sent to the laboratory immediately by the next available transport. Please consider the time of the next transport as delays may compromise certain results – if unsure, contact the relevant department.

Samples collected from GP practices are gathered into strong polythene bags which are sealed. The hospital transport drivers place these bags in the secure rigid sample transport boxes with sealable lids that they carry in their vans. These boxes must be labelled as “Diagnostic Specimens – UN3373” and have the department and hospital name and contact telephone number.

Blood taking facilities at MFT

ORC and Trafford sites

We do not provide a primary care phlebotomy service. But if you are having difficulties getting a blood sample from a patient, there is a limited service in the Blood Room, at Manchester Royal Infirmary, main Outpatients Department, between 9am and 4pm, which can be contacted on 0161 276 4024.


GP patients must use the appointment system and call 0800 092 4020 or 0161 947 0770 to book an appointment. Please note – patients must attend phlebotomy with a blood
request form.

Using the ICE system

For user manuals, e-request forms and how to contact us if you have a query, see our guide to using the ICE system.


(Last reviewed November 2020)