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The Adult Immunohistochemistry Laboratory is situated within the Adult Histopathology Department on the first floor of CSB1 and provides IHC testing for both our CPA accredited histology and cytopathology services.

We currently house five automated Ventana BenchMark Ultra staining machines which we use to carry out our routine clinical work. We currently hold a repertoire of over 130 antibodies, listed here on our IHC & ISH Repertoire.

We are enrolled in the UKNEQAS ICC quality assurance scheme for; general pathology, lymphoid pathology, alimentary tract pathology (GIST), alimentary tract pathology (Lynch syndrome/HNPCC), and Alk IHC.

IHC/ISH test requests and charges

Routine IHC testing can be requested from our laboratory using the IHC/ISH Request Form (for External Users). Please send two unstained sections per test requested, on coated slides, baked at 70-75°C for 30 minutes. Please position the test section at the top of the slide in order for us to place a control section onto the bottom, if a separate control slide is needed to be stained it will be charged for.

IHC tests are charged at £20.00 per section, with the exception of the NSCLCC ALK (D5F3) test which is charged at £50.00. Dual Stains are charged at £30. EBV ISH is charged at £50 per slide. Please note that all requests must have a purchase order number issued upon requesting in order for us to process and invoice your sample.

Diagnostic Mismatch Repair testing

The laboratory has been proposed as the regional referral centre for Diagnostic Mismatch Repair (MMR) testing, working along side the genetics department in St Mary’s Hospital for genetic testing referrals. Please visit our Diagnostic MMR IHC Testing page for more information on referral requesting.


The department is involved in numerous research studies and clinical trials set up through the Trust’s R&D department and provides support for NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio studies. More information about our research services can be found on the Trust’s R&I page, following the link for Biobank and cellular pathology research services.

If you would like to enquire about what support we can offer for your research work here in the MRI histology department or if you require our involvement in a clinical trial please read the information provided in our Histology Research Enquiry Pack. Please complete the attached form and send it to


Contact us

Catherine Higgins, Advanced BMS and Clinical Trials Lead
0161 276 8786

For research enquires please contact:

Shona Esquibel, Research Administrator

Monday & Tuesday – 0161 276 8811
Thursday – 0161 276 8813


(Last reviewed 30th May 2017)