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As of the 1st of April 2017 Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospital of South Manchester are formally working in partnership in the procurement area.

This is an exciting development and one which we feel sure will lay the foundation for us to provide the best procurement service in the NHS. 


A message from Simon Walsh – Procurement Director:

I am very pleased and proud to write as we have successfully completed the Unification of the Central Manchester and South Manchester Procurement Departments.

The Unification has demonstrated what can be achieved when Individuals and Teams work together to identify the best solution for future joint-working. The commitment of both Teams has enabled us to identify the best possible structure and working arrangements sensitive to the needs of our Trusts.

Our unified Department will manage over £500m of spend on goods;equipment;materials and services. This is a significant responsibility that can only be delivered through a professional procurement function that is embedded within its customer base.

The unification of our Procurement Departments creates not just the biggest NHS Procurement Service but also what I hope will be the the best”