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Sending respiratory samples from clinical areas:

Sending respiratory samples from clinical areas diagram• Samples should be placed into a plastic Ziploc bag and then into another plastic Ziploc bag (preferably with a biohazard label on).

• All respiratory samples for mycology testing (e.g. Aspergillus galactomannan) must be packaged in double bags as described above. Do not submit samples with trap tubing still attached. These samples are prone to leaking. The trap tubing must be replaced with a secure screw cap lid prior to placing in the specimen bag.

Do NOT diagramCategory B transport boxes are no longer required for transport of clinical specimens from clinical areas to sample reception on the same hospital site. Samples being transported by road, between hospital sites, MUST either be placed into a Category B transport box or an appropriate transport bag (i.e. one which adheres to regulations governing the transportation of diagnostic specimens.)

• Using the Cat B transport boxes:

Transportation diagram
• Using the transport bags:

Transport Bag Diagram

(Last reviewed June 2021)