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Sample collection and transport

The laboratory will deliver a supply of ThinPrep clinic kits to each practice/clinic. Local transport hospital services will collect samples from Practices/Clinics and deliver to local Trust hospital hubs. Arrangements are in place for collection of samples from hospital hubs by DLM and department contracted sample transport services for delivery at Manchester Cytology Centre. If there are any issues relating to the provision of LBC kits, please contact the department on 0161 276 5172

Posting LBC vials

Occasionally it may be necessary to post a sample vial to the laboratory. If this is the case then please be aware that:

Royal Mail will only transport UN3373 diagnostic specimens if they are packaged following packaging instruction P650, and,

  • Sent by first class post or special delivery to an inland address only
  • The packet is marked with the sender’s name, telephone number and address

LBC kits

The laboratory uses a database to keep a record of the number of LBC kits sent out/used by each surgery and clinic to ensure that supplies are readily available. For any enquiry regarding LBC kits please contact the department on 0161 276 5172

LBC stock rotation

Please be aware that LBC vials have an expiry date, and it is the sample takers responsibility to ensure that there is stock rotation and to check that the vials they are using have not passed the expiry date as printed labels containing patient details often obscure the expiry date once attached to the vial. Please ensure the expiry date on the vial is at least 14 days after the sample has been taken vials or more than the current turnaround time – whichever is greater to ensure sufficient time for transport and processing. The current turnaround times can be viewed on the CSTD homepage.  LBC vials should be stored between 15 and 30oC .  If samples are to be stored prior to collection for any length of time, this should be done at room temperature and they must not be stored in a fridge.


(Last reviewed March 2023)