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Signing up for MyMFT is quick and easy, and there are several ways to do so.

Please note: only existing patients will be able to sign up for MyMFT. This includes anyone who has attended one of our 10 hospitals over the past several years.

New patients must first be registered at one of these hospitals in order to sign up. This occurs automatically when a patient is seen and their information is recorded by administration staff.

Click here to access the MyMFT portal Click here to view our step by step guide to sign up

Self sign up

The fastest way to sign up is with an activation code. Here’s how to find yours:

  • Your activation code will be included in:
    • Any appointment letters for appointments taking place after 8 September 2022
    • Your After Visit Summary, given to you after an appointment at MFT
  • You can request a code from your clinic, in person or by email. Your clinic can provide an activation code by email or text.

I have my activation code

  1. From the MyMFT login screen on the MyMFT website or app, select Sign Up Now.
  2. Enter your activation code, phone number, and date of birth, Select Next.
  3. On the next page, choose the following:
    1. MyMFT username. Choose something that others wouldn’t be likely to guess but is easy for you to remember. It cannot be changed at any time, except for instances involving specific security concerns.
    2. Password. Choose a unique combination of numbers and letters, using both uppercase and lowercase letters. Your password must be different from your MyMFT username. Choose a password that you don’t use for other websites.
  4. On the next screen, choose whether you want to receive a notification message in your personal email, or by text, when there is new information available in your MyMFT account. If you opt to receive email alerts, enter your email address.
  5. On the final screen, please carefully read the ‘MyMFT Patient Portal Terms and Conditions of Use‘ and if you are happy to do so, select ‘Accept‘ to complete sign up and enter the portal.

I don’t have an activation code

If you don’t have an activation code, you can request one online. This process will take a little bit longer as we’ll need more information from you in order to match you to our records (the more information, the better!).

If this process is successful, you will be able to create a MyMFT account immediately.  If we are unable to match your information with an existing health record, it may take an additional 5-7 working days to process and verify your records.

To request an activation code online:

  1. On the MyMFT login screen on the MyMFT website or mobile app, click ‘Sign Up Now’.
  2. Click ‘Sign Up Online’.
  3. Complete the required information on the form.

Patients without an activation code will need to provide us with the last four digits of their NHS number. Click here for instructions on how to locate this information. NHS app users will also be able to find this number on their app’s homepage.

We also recommend adding to your phone’s contact list, or safe-senders list in order to avoid missing any email notifications.