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The Division of Laboratory Medicine's (DLM) pathology laboratories are fully accredited for medical testing by UKAS.

This is information for study sponsors only. It is not applicable to potential clinical trial participants (eg. healthy volunteers).

The DLM laboratories offer a comprehensive pathology service for research and clinical trials, and use only standardised validated testing platforms, methods and reference ranges for the duration of each study.

We are committed to the maintenance of quality of service and uncompromising ethical standards in all clinical and commercial research services we offer.

We provide comprehensive, competitively priced pathology testing, including:

  • Biochemistry
  • Haematology
  • Immunology
  • Histopathology
  • Microbiology
  • Virology
  • Cytology

Making a study application for laboratory costs

For information about how to make your application download the protocol for requesting costs for research/clinical trials.

Download the DLM Study Application/Agreement Form. This needs to be completed and returned as a working copy, ie. as an Excel file. Only the signature page will be accepted in PDF format.

Arrangements for paying for research work vary depending on where the work originates and/or where the funding for the work performed is held. These factors determine whether payment is made by internal recharge, by Purchase Order Number or by raising an invoice.

NIHR AcoRD information

See guidance on attributing the costs of health and social care research.

This guidance provides a framework for the NHS and its partners to identify, recover and attribute the costs of health and social care R&D (AcoRD), in a transparent, and consistent manner. It clarifies the distinction between the three costs of research:

  • research costs
  • NHS support costs
  • treatment costs

For more information on specific services you require as part of your research/clinical trial please contact:


Division of Laboratory Medicine
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Oxford Road,
M13 9WL

Histopathology Research Administrator

Catherine Keeling

Telephone: 0161 701 1943

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Oxford Road,
M13 9WL


Enquiries should be directed to:

Adanna Ehirim (Gynaecological Cytology)

Rosebina Zafar (Non-Gynaecological Cytology)


(Last updated September 2021)