Patients who need scans are already benefiting from staff working together to deliver a first class service across all hospitals, following the merger to create MFT.

Imaging and Nuclear Medicine colleagues across our hospitals have amalgamated protocols and procedures to ensure the right standards are met across scanning and reporting work across the Trust. An accountability and oversight framework has been developed to manage the time it takes for imaging reports to come back.

The Division of Imaging is also working towards Imaging Services Accreditation Standard (ISAS), and is on track to go through the first stages in October.

Catherine Walsh, Divisional Director of Imaging for MFT, said: “When a hospital gains this accreditation, patients can be assured of a first class imaging service and staff benefit from working in a service that meets the gold standard.

‘Following the merger, we have a much larger Radiology division. This offers a number of advantages including economies of scale, with opportunities for increased efficiency, shared learning, and access to a larger pool of staff.

‘We are also now talking about moving patients across sites for scans. This could happen if one hospital has reached capacity or a particular site is more convenient for a patient to have their scan because they live or work nearby.’

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

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