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Women across Manchester can now have quicker surgery for urgent gynaecological conditions after a new dedicated surgical list was launched at Wythenshawe Hospital.

Before the merger to create Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), there were not enough women needing surgery after a miscarriage or for an urgent gynaecological condition to justify a dedicated weekly list at Wythenshawe. This meant women would be put onto the general surgical list, with the possibility that their operation could be postponed due to emergency cases.

Saint Mary’s Hospital had enough patients for two dedicated lists, on a Monday and Friday, but this meant women miscarrying or who developed a surgical condition in between these times may have to wait until the next available list. Their surgery could also be delayed by more urgent cases.

Following the merger to create MFT in October last year, medical staff, nurses and managers from the two hospitals came together to set up an extra joint list at Wythenshawe on Mondays and moved the Monday list at Saint Mary’s Hospital to a Wednesday. Women treated at either hospital now have the choice of going to Wythenshawe to have their pre-op appointment and surgery if this means quicker or more convenient treatment for them.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics services across the two hospitals are now part of the Saint Mary’s Hospital Managed Clinical Service. Staff from both sites have been sharing their strengths and ensure miscarriages are managed to the same high standard no matter when and where a woman is treated. All women who meet the criteria can now also be easily referred to the Saint Mary’s specialist recurrent miscarriage service.

Plans are now being put in place for women initially treated at Wythenshawe Hospital to join the next surgical list at Saint Mary’s if this is quicker or more convenient for them.

Pamela Kilkoyne, Lead Nurse for Gynaecology Services at Saint Mary’s Hospital, said: “If a woman miscarries, clearly it can be a very difficult time and having surgery delayed can add to her distress. An urgent gynaecological condition such as a twisted ovary can be very painful and operating quickly can stop conditions worsening and improve recovery time.”

Mr Theo Manias, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Wythenshawe Hospital, added: “By introducing this dedicated list, we have been able to offer greater choice for patients and reduce the chance of surgery being postponed. I’m very proud that our teams have worked together across sites to introduce this extra list as they know it will be better for women.”