Hive EPR

As the largest Foundation Trust in the UK, we need an integrated and innovative Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution. As we strive to deliver a single hospital service across MFT we can provide better continuity of care wherever our patients are treated by bringing our varied systems together.

MFT was formed on 1 October 2017 following the merger of Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) and University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust (UHSM). We are currently using more than 750 electronic and paper-based patient record systems across our varied hospital sites and Managed Clinical Services and the EPR system from Epic is central to bringing all of these together into a fully integrated Trust-wide solution.

The EPR solution is important, but the Hive Programme means much more than the introduction of a new digital system. It means wide-spread change, and improvement, in every part and process in the organisation, transforming how we all work for the continued benefit of our patients.

Read the announcement about our contract with Epic here

Our journey so far

Hive and the development of a trust wide EPR solution stems directly from the benefits of creating MFT:

  • Consistently high standards of services at all hospitals
  • Better continuity of care wherever patients are treated
  • Joined-up patient records and IT systems.

To learn more about the benefits of Hive and our journey so far watch our short animation.

What Hive means for patients

As a large Trust we understand that our patients may potentially receive care provided by different clinical services at multiple hospital locations. By bringing access to our multiple-systems together we can provide better continuity of care wherever patients are treated:

  • Patients won’t have to give the same information to different members of staff
  • Staff will be able to spend more time on caring for patients as they will have faster access to information
  • Patients will have more control over their care as we introduce the MyChart mobile app and portal.

Watch this animation to learn about the patient benefits of our Hive programme.

Vision and Guiding Principles

We have developed a shared vision and a set of guiding principles that provide a foundation for our work and ensure we keep patients at the forefront of what we do.

Watch our video about the guiding principles, featuring members of staff from across MFT.

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