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We highly value our staff at MFT and we know our patients do too. Following the creation of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, a 24/7 assistance programme has been rolled out across all hospitals, offering support with any issues our 20,000 employees are facing.

An assessment of the Trust Employee Health and Wellbeing services took place in the lead up to the creation of the new Trust, meaning that the service has been able to develop further the support offered to staff. We are now providing staff with improved and enhanced services for work-related or personal issues.

The confidential Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to employees across our nine hospitals. It offers services including 24/7 confidential advice, counselling services, and access to a health portal and app.

Marisa Pickerill, Assistant Director of Employee Health and Wellbeing, said: “We all face challenges in our work and home lives at times.

“Our staff members may need emotional support relating to experiences at work or perhaps a personal bereavement. They may be having a dispute with neighbours, difficulties dealing with teenagers, or need some legal or financial advice.

“Through the EAP, they can get confidential advice in a range of flexible ways, which are immediately available to support them and limit the impact on their mental and physical health.”

The response so far has been very positive, with comments received from staff including:

“Great service, easy to access and really helpful!”

“Knowing that my staff can get immediate advice and support is a real comfort to me as their manager. I think this shows a commitment from the Trust to support the health and wellbeing of all staff.”