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Being a member of an NHS Foundation Trust means that you can have a real say, through your elected representatives (Governors), in shaping future services and strategic planning.

Changes to the MFT Board of Directors & Council of Governors meetings during the COVID-19 National Emergency

In response to the COVID-19 National Emergency and the UK Governments’ social distancing requirements currently in place, meetings of the Trust’s Board of Directors and Council of Governors will not be held in public between now and the end of July 2020. All meetings with Non-Executive Directors and Governors are being conducted remotely through electronic communication for the time being.

This interim arrangement currently applies to meetings on the following dates (albeit these dates are regularly reviewed in light of any updates to national guidance and directives):

  • MFT Board of Directors – 11th May 2020
  • MFT Council of Governors – 15th May 2020
  • MFT Board of Directors – 13th July 2020
  • MFT Council of Governors – 20th July 2020

The Board of Directors & Council of Governors agendas for the next three months will include the following priority agenda topics:

  • The Trust’s Response to the COVID-19 National Emergency
  • The Trust’s post COVID-19 Recovery Programme
  • Quality & Safety
  • Workforce (inc. Staff Health & Wellbeing)
  • Finance

We will post updated information about the remaining 2020 meetings in July.

In the meantime, our staff are working incredibly hard in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we thank you for your continued support at this unprecedented time

You decide how involved you want to be – you may simply want to receive a newsletter about the Trust’s activities or you may want to stand for election to the Council of Governors, which works with the Board of Directors.

We are committed to establishing a truly representative membership and welcome members from all backgrounds and protected characteristics including age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation (this is not exclusive of other diverse backgrounds).

If you, a family member or friend is interested in becoming a public member of our Trust, application is easy, completely free and open to anyone aged 11 years or over who live in England and Wales with our ‘Membership Application Form’ being available via:

MFT’s Membership & Engagement Strategy

The Trust, supported (and subsequently approved) by its Council of Governors, has developed a Membership & Engagement Strategy’ with its purpose being to outline how patients, carers, members of the public and the local communities that we serve can become more involved by becoming members of our Trust.

The Strategy defines our membership community, outlining how we recruit, retain, engage, support, and involve our membership in addition to the methods deployed to facilitate effective member communication and how the Trust evaluates membership recruitment and engagement success.

A key element of the strategy when undertaking public membership recruitment campaigns, is to:

  • House a public membership that is representative of the diverse communities that the Trust serves by addressing identified short falls in terms of diversity of the Trust’s public membership profile.

In addition, the strategy also outlines the Governor (membership representatives) role and duties alongside the key areas to support and develop the evolving role of Governors.  The composition of MFT’s Council of Governors is also included alongside the review process for the composition of the Trust’s Non-Executive Directors.

The Membership Strategy is reviewed/updated by the Governors’ Membership and Engagement Sub-Group and approved the MFT’s Council of Governors.

Find out more on the following pages:

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Contact our FT Membership Office

The Foundation Trust Membership Office will be able to assist if you have any queries in relation to Membership or Governors and can be contacted by:

Freepost Plus RRBR-AXBU-XTZT
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WL

Phone0161 276 8661 (office hours 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday; answering machine outside these hours)

If you have a general hospital enquiry please contact the switchboard on 0300 3309444, who will be able to direct your enquiry to the appropriate area or alternatively visit our Contact us webpage.

Our Board of Directors can be contacted via the Director of Corporate Services/Trust Secretary by e-mail or telephone 0161 276 6262.