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Manchester Cytology Centre is one the largest units of its kind in the country, providing cervical screening using the SurePath Liquid Based Cytology System and a wide variety of non-gynaecological cytology and synovial fluid analysis services.

This page refers to Cytology at ORC. For information on Cytology at Wythenshawe hospital see Cellular Pathology – Wythenshawe

We are based in state-of-the-art facilities in the Clinical Sciences Centre at Manchester Royal Infirmary. We also provide a non-gynaecological service to The Christie.

For details of all our services, including sample requirement information, see our user guides:

Find details of the North of England Pathology and Screening Education Centre, also based at MFT.

Contact us

Contact us at Manchester Royal Infirmary or at The Christie, using the details below.

Manchester Royal Infirmary

  • General – 0161 276 5111
  • Gynaecological cytology – 0161 276 5111
  • Non-gynaecological cytology – 0161 5110/5115/5116/6727/8804. Bleep: 07623 916 611
  • Synovial fluid cytology – 0161 276 5115/5116/6727/8804
  • Email –

The Christie


(Last reviewed February 2021)