Live in 5: Attending your virtual appointment

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Please read the following instructions at least 24 hours before your video appointment and set up your MyMFT account before to your virtual appointment. Have you accessed MyMFT before? If so, please skip ahead to Step 3

Step one: Accessing / Downloading MyMFT

  • On a Desktop PC or laptop you can access MyMFT on the Chrome or Safari web browsers, by visiting:
  • On a smartphone or tablet you can download MyMFT by searching “MyChart” on your mobile app store and downloading the app.
  • Once you have the MyChart app on your device, open the app and select the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) logo to launch MyMFT.

Step two: Set up your account

  • Enter the MyMFT activation code in your appointment letter, or sent separately, on the portal when asked. If you have not received an activation code, select the ‘sign up now’ option.
  • You will now be asked to complete your account setup by filling in some basic details including your NHS number.

Step three: ‘eCheck in’ for your appointment

  • ‘eCheck-In’ for your video consultation. You can do this as early as seven days before your appointment. ‘eCheck-In’ will appear on your MyMFT home page, under the heading ‘New Video Consultation’ or ‘Follow-up Video Consultation’. Select the green ‘eCheck-In’ button.
  • You may be asked to fill out a pre-appointment questionnaire to provide information on your current health issues.

Step four: join your appointment

  • 15 minutes before your appointment time, find the ‘New Video Consultation’ option on the MyMFT homepage and select ‘View Details’.
  • You may be prompted to download the MS Teams App at this stage. Please note however, that you are not required to create an MS Teams account to access MyMFT video appointments.
  • Under ‘Get ready for your visit’, click ‘confirm’. This will let us know that you have arrived.

Step five: speak to your clinician

  • Now select ‘Join video visit’. You will enter a video waiting room to until your clinician joins the call, and your appointment begins

If you have any questions about your video appointment, please contact your clinic / practice. You can find the contact information for your clinic on your appointment letter.

If you need support with MyMFT please email